Stopped 2 EMPs and tsunamis of New York and San Francisco

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Dec 05 2020

The global hegemony of Black Nobility, Vatican and Fed with governments and banking planned 2 EMP events and tsunamis from New York and San Francisco. They were stopped for peaceful and prosperous Christmas and New Year holidays.

The hegemony of collusion on the Universe and Earth by Plejaren Federation, Anunnaki, Archon, Black Nobility, Vatican, FIGU Institute and Billy Meier planned a double EMP and 2 tsunamis in New York and San Francisco.

The EMP is electromagnetic pulse as Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun with Jupiter - Saturn conjunction, and a nuclear detonation from the North Pole. The EMP was expected to cause 3 days of darkness and announce the Bible Rapture. In America, it was predicted to cause 6 months of disturbance of connectivity and deliveries. EMP recovery lasts up to 18 months.

The tsunamis were scheduled together with the EMPs and deciphered on American banknotes of $100 for New York. The $10 bill had coded the EMP from the North Pole. Prophet Billy Meier claimed to have seen the tsunami of San Francisco and earthquake of San Andreas.

The events were announced as storm earlier in 2020, and were cancelled. The holidays of Christmas and New Year will be peaceful and prosperous.

From 2021, the world will have a different order and civilization for galactic citizens of education and labor.